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EQx Fund- Investing in the Leaders of Tomorrow

EQx operates a Venture Fund focused on diversified early stage investments in extraordinary Founders


Emotional Quotient (EQ): the ability to understand, cooperate with and motivate others

  • Leadership and Passion is key

  • EQx mantra is to ‘Invest in People for a Better World’: We focus on a portfolio of “EQX  founders”

  • Industry Disruptors/High growth opportunities

  • Deals sourced from extensive network of partners and entrepreneurs

5 H's of an EQx Founder

Fund Overview

Founded in January 2018, EQx Fund headquartered in Boston, MA, is an early stage Venture Capital fund that invests in extraordinary serial and first-time entrepreneurs. We leverage our partnership with the Boston Harbor Angels, which was voted one of the top 3 angel groups in the United States by CB Insights. Our partners have 20+ years of experience in investment and operational roles in the US and internationally and proceed with companies and founders that we all vote unanimously to invest in.

People First

EQX was founded in 2018 because we believe in investing early and in the right entrepreneurs to build great [bio]tech companies.

Our investments are based on our ideal ‘EQX founder’, a person who possess seven of the most important characteristics to drive an idea to become a successful company.

Investing in diverse entrepreneurs

Investing in Diverse Teams

It is part of our ethos to invest in gender, ethnic and cultural diverse leaders because we come from diverse backgrounds. For example, at the EQX I Fund, nearly 40% of our investments were made in female founders and even though this is significantly higher than the average venture capital industry, we know we have to do more, and we will.

Leveraging Trusted Relationships

EQX is a partner of Boston Harbor Angels, one of the top three angel investment groups in the US, to support our investment efforts.

Making the World a Better Place

We invest in people first and each one of our ‘EQX entrepreneurs’ are making the world a better place, from crushing the student debt pile to building cheaper and faster cloud storage for enterprises, from stem cell engineering to fighting Type 1 diabetes.

Making the world a better place through innovation


Featured Press

Cloud storage startup Wasabi raises $250M to reach unicorn status

Cloud storage startup Wasabi raises $250M to reach unicorn status

The cloud services sector is still dominated by Amazon and the other so-called “hyperscalers”... 

U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) Tours Landsdowne Labs

U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) Tours Landsdowne Labs

Cites importance of innovative technology to avert serious child button-battery ingestion injury...

U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) Tours Landsdowne Labs

Immusoft Takes First-Ever Engineered B Cell Therapy into Clinic

Immusoft is heading into the clinic with what it claims is the first engineered B cell gene therapy cleared for in-human study, the company announced Thursday...

U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) Tours Landsdowne Labs

Lyfebulb-CVS Kidney Care Innovation Challenge winner OmniLife is transforming organ donation

For too long, treatment options for chronic kidney disease have remained unchanged...

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